Take 12: Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Executive Producer Jan Harlan discusses working with Stanley Kubrick to turn East London's Beckton Gasworks into a recreation of battle-scarred Hué City


Take 11: Das Boot (1981)

A walk-through of the original U-Boat sets built to film the iconic interior sequences of the WW2 classic. Plus the miniatures and the full-scale conning tower.


Take 10: Gaza Surf Club (2017)

Director Philip Gnadt and producer Mickey Yarmine talk about scripting and shooting their cinematic documentary about a group of surfers in the Gaza Strip.


Take 09: Batman (1966) Batmobile

Engineer Mark Racop talks about manufacturing the official DC Comics life-size 1966 Batmobile, a replica of perhaps the most famous production design ever.


Take 08: Photographs of Films (2016)

Mixed media artist Jason Shulman talks about his ground (and Internet) -breaking project to capture complete feature films in still photographs.


Take 07: Moon (2009)

VFX Designer Gavin Rothery talks about creating the distinct visual identity of the small scale production that became a modern sci-fi classic.


Take 06: Alternative Movie

Founder Simon Hawes talks about the current trend for fan-made film posters and the role his site has played in establishing a global artistic community.


Take 05: Twin Peaks (1990-91)

Multi-award winning production designer Richard Hoover talks about his work on the legendary TV show and how big a part design played in establishing its unique atmosphere.


Take 04: Almost Famous (2001)

Graphic Designer Eric Rosenberg talks about recreating the look of 1970s classic rock for Cameron Crowes lovingly constructed period piece.


Take 03: Ghostbusters (1984)

The late graphic designer and film producer Michael C. Gross talks about creating 'No Ghost,' his much-loved logo for the landmark comedy film.


Take 02: Poster design (ongoing)

Graphic designer Neil Kellerhouse talks about producing posters and idents for some of the most visionary directors and influential production houses.


Take 01: Jurassic Park (1993)

Branding guru Mike Salisbury talks about creating the ident for Spielberg's multi-billion dollar movie, merchandise and experience franchise.