In Production: Solstice (2017)

Comic artist and writer Ibrahim Mustafa talks about how to work on a new James Bond story and NOT be influenced by the visual language of the EON films.


In Production: Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Awaiting official approval. Long-term Stanley Kubrick producer Jan Harlan talks about turning an abandoned gasworks in East London into battle scarred Hué City.


Take 11: Das Boot (1981)

A visit to the original sets for all the iconic submarine interiors featured in the classic war film Das Boot (1981). Plus the models and the full size conning tower.


Take 10: Gaza Surf Club (2017)

Director Philip Gnadt and producer Mickey Yarmine talk about scripting and shooting their cinema documentary about a group of surfers in the Gaza Strip.


Take 09: Batman (1966) Batmobile

Engineer Mark Racop talks about manufacturing the official DC Comics life size 1966 Batmobile replica, perhaps the most famous element of production design ever.


Take 08: Photographs of Films (2016)

Mixed media artist Jason Shulman talks about creating his ground (and Internet)-breaking project that captured complete feature films in still photographs.


Take 07: Moon (2009)

Visual Effects Designer Gavin Rothery talks about creating a distinct visual identity for a small low-budget production that became a modern sci-fi classic.


Take 06: Alternative Movie Posters.com

Founder Simon Hawes talks about the current trend for fan-made film posters and the role his site has played in establishing a global artistic community.


Take 05: Twin Peaks (1990-91)

Multi-award winning production designer Richard Hoover talks about his work on the iconic TV show and how big a part design played in establishing its unique atmosphere.


Take 04: Almost Famous (2001)

Graphic Designer Eric Rosenberg talks about recreating the look of 1970s classic rock paraphernalia for Cameron Crowe's lovingly constructed period piece.


Take 03: Ghostbusters (1984)

The late graphic designer and film producer Michael C. Gross talks about creating 'No Ghost,' his iconic and much loved logo for the landmark comedy film.


Take 02: Poster design (ongoing)

Graphic designer Neil Kellerhouse talks about producing posters and idents for some of the most visionary directors and influential production houses.


Take 01: Jurassic Park (1993)

Branding guru Mike Salisbury talks about creating the logo for Jurassic Park, an ident for a franchise that has made over 3$ billion (and counting) on movies alone.