Production Designer Rose Lagace on designing smash indie flick Almost Adults

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Trailer // Almost Adults (2016)

For the next ‘Minutiae I’ll be talking to Rose Lagace, the Toronto based production designer (and curator of a great site on film design

To date my content has largely dealt with big budget mainstream pictures working within the idioms of fantasy and sci-fi but for the next interview I’ll be downscaling and dipping a toe into the fabrication of contemporary realism by talking to Lagace about her work on the Canadian independent smash hit comedy Almost Adults.

A resolutely independent spirited production, the film is also a heartfelt LGBTQA comedy drama about complicated relationships in the complicated contemporary 2000s. Whilst it has proven popular it has divided audience and critical opinion but more interesting than subjective opinion is the fact that it could be said to be a figurehead movie for a quietly burgeoning film-making revolution by being a Kickstarter funded and ‘Project of the Year’ in 2016, that then made headlines by eschewing a theatrical release deal in favour of Netflix, a radical decision based on the producers belief that their key audience demographic now resides on the small screen.

This move perhaps once more demonstrates that VOD distribution is becoming the dominant force? If that is the case then how might that affect the craft behind an art-form and business intended for large scale public exhibition? Lagace seems in a good place to tell us. Stay tuned!