Filminutiae. Creative elements pertaining to film. They could be a prop, a title sequence, an editing technique, a storyboard, some sound design, a piece of concept art, marketing material, a bit of tie-in merchandise, fan art inspired by or, indeed, everything in between. is an occasional interview-led blog about the above. There are many such sites but this one will differ in that it delivers the same kind of ham-fisted personal theorising but boasts the much more wholesome addition of exclusive interviews with the talent responsible for creating the work.

There is no real rationale as to what will be featured other than if it relates in some way to film as both entertainment and art form. As such the work that will be covered will be coming from any point in film history, if it’s good it’s good, whether it’s Edison, Bergman or the latest Tom Cruise extravaganza. Observant readers will notice that there will most probably be a slight bent towards the science-fiction genre, but things will be none the worse for that.

As this is a personal side project (I also do graphic design ) the content on the site will be updated in a sporadic and relaxed fashion but, nonetheless, when things appear they will hopefully provoke a satisfied feeling in those of you who, like me, love nothing more than discussing the finest filmic details at a borderline obsessive length.

Thanks for reading.

Jeremy Owen
Curation, curiosity, interviews & enthusiasm


A work of art, irrespective of métiers, has an aesthetic quality which resonates to those open to its voice. The fact that a work is utilitarian does not exclude it from being ‘art’. In fact one of the qualities that contributes to this timeless aesthetic experience is the perception of it being appropriate to the task it was designed to perform.

Louis Danziger