What’s it all about?

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This site has been a long time in the making although I didn’t actually realise. 

I am something of an enthusiast for cinema but it’s fair to say that when I am watching a film I am usually enjoying the visual stylings far more than the storyline and acting. These could be internal and include production design elements, title sequences, editing technique, costume, lighting etc but also extend to the external elements of posters, foyer standees, tie-in merchandise and any other marketing collateral.

Since undertaking my MA at LCC I have developed a sideline in critical writing on topics in and around visual culture, a large amount being about cinema. In my day-job (as a designer/illustrator/art director etc etc) I have serviced the entertainment industry on more that one occasion. As a result of the research process for both these channels I have had the opportunity to make many friendly contacts with leading creatives working in the film industry and, resultantly, have amassed a lot of content.

In recent months I have slowly come to the realisation that this archive of great material most probably will be unlikely to see the light of day. This I felt to be a shame as there are many fantastic insights into the creative process as related to film. As such I decided to take the bull by the horns and step into self-publishing, the result being Filminutiae.com, a website where I ‘talk design in film with designers who design for film.’

The concept is simple, I present a full interview with a creative along with some images of their work plus a small piece of critical writing from myself to provide some background to the topic and justify why I think it is worth talking about. All this is wrapped up in a super-simple website that I hope puts the content to the forefront.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the show.